✨Shop Launch!✨ New Print Discount 👁 💪🏾

The Harvest Gold Print Day Closer
My Shop: click the caption to link through

Holy moly it’s been a while. But don’t worry.

I swear I won’t talk about ‘tHe nEW nOrMaL’

I will instead talk about the shop I set up, a herculean feat of organisation, test printing and resizing, but at last it is done! All my limited edition prints, in both sizes (A1 & A2) are now on my shop so it’s a lot easier to order.

I’m very happy about it! I’d been keeping track of limited edition numbering on an excel sheet and posting them myself and I was LOSING MY MIND. So yay. And whew.

4 Brand New Prints

Two New Paintings £170-220 each

These 2 are a apocalyptic set: When placed together form they also form a connected landscape. The older prints are the same price as they always were but new prints will be a little bit more.

For the first few weeks of the launch of my shop they’ll be the same price as the older ones. Just use the discount codes underneath. [Expires Oct 4th]

Discount Codes

Two New Digital Works £40

Smaller more affordable digital artwork prints

If there is a print you’d like from my portfolio that isn’t available yet, let me know!

Published by Janine Shroff

Designer & Illustrator based in London. I specialise in UI/UX, branding, hand-drawn illustration & painting.

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