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✨Shop Launch!✨ New Print Discount 👁 💪🏾

✨Shop Launch!✨ New Print Discount 👁 💪🏾

September 22, 2020

I swear I won’t talk about ‘tHe nEW nOrMaL’. I will instead talk about the shop I set up, a herculean feat of organisation, test printing and resizing, but at last it is done! All my limited edition prints, in both sizes [A1 & A2] are now on my shop so it’s a lot easier to order. There also a little launch discount that’ll only last a few weeks, for my new paintings.

On the Radio! Kadak Collective on the BBC

On the Radio! Kadak Collective on the BBC

February 3, 2020

We’re on the radio you guys! How exciting @kadakcollective is on the BBC world service talking about our Kickstarter Graphic Anthology & the collective

Homo Movie Poster Time!

Homo Movie Poster Time!

November 24, 2019

Are you weary of the vale of tears and lack of substantial ass-kicking action in your lesbian movies? Who isn’t? But never fear! Now the oeuvre of Keanu Reeves can be easily reinterpreted for a queer audience.


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