Photo of Janine Shroff in front of 2 paintings by Nikhil Hemranjani at Sitara Studios
Photo by Nikhil Hemranjani at Sitara Studios

Janine Shroff is a queer illustrator and designer. She lived in Bombay for 18 years before moving to London where she is currently based. Her work is detailed, figurative and draws from Persian & Mughal miniatures. Themes of her work are day to day life, gender, pregnancy & relationships. 

Shroff’s work is figurative and occasionally surreal – utilising bright colours and humour with darker undertones. Androgynous bird characters and humans enact fantasy scenes, mostly in mundane and domestic landscapes.  Her work explores a range of themes including birth, pregnancy, relationships, sexual identity and gender; from the worship of fertility, both historic and modern within the ‘Goddess’ series to the more dystopian set of both organic and mechanical in ‘the Queen’ and ‘The Breeders’. The ‘Arsonist’s Ball’ and ‘Motel’ document aspects of relationships and voyeurism while ‘Bucket Bath’ is part of a new series set in fantasy landscapes with lurking worlds hidden from us.

Janine Shroff was born in Bombay, India in 1983. She works predominantly using mixed media, acrylic and ballpoint-pens on heavy-weight paper. Her early influences were miniature paintings and late 80’s comic books like MAD magazine. She completed an M.A. with distinction at Central St. Martins College, London in 2007, following a B.A. at Camberwell College of Art. She was short-listed for the Mercury Art Prize in 2007 and has exhibited in group-shows in London at the Maritime Museum in Greenwich & The Mall Galleries at the ICA.

Shroff is working on a new set of personal works as well as collaborating with Kadak Collective, a collective of 7 South-asian artists. She currently lives and works in London.


    • Visual Disobedience Launch
      Mumbai, 2014
    • M.A End of Year Show
      ICA Mall Galleries, London 2007
    • Interim M.A Group Show
      Westbourne Studios, London 2006
    • The Mercury Art Prize, Finalists
      The Hospital Gallery, London 2006
    • Maritime Museum Group Show Along side Tintin Exhibition
      Greenwich Maritime Museum, London 2005


  1. Enchanting work. 🙂