Otherlands: Exhibition Photos

94 Crowds

Opening night

Some photos from the show at Sitara Studio.

Thanks to all who came and to Nikhil & Shubhangi for the organising!

It was a fun show.

The Art waffle bio was confusing to many (they thought it was real, which goes to show the waffly state of contemporary art writing when satire is indistinguishable from a real artist bio)

If you would like to buy a limited edition print or want to know more click here.

66 Pop & Mom

Forcing my parents to stand in front of my more offensive pieces

71 Dramatic Reading of Anokhi's fake bio_1

My father does an impromptu dramatic Reading of Anokhi’s fake bio

93 Anokhi Hipster Portrait

Hipster herself

Anokhi Show Panorama

Show Panorama

95 Crowds

Opening night

51 Show room 57 Birth Wall 58 Other wall 75 Passionate discussion about something 77 Birth wall straight 82 Birth wall straight 83 Rape rick anokhi & postcards 30 Art Show 32 Show Other Wall 37 Show Top View

Anokhi Panorama or mine

Anokhi’s Panorama

Photo by Nikhil

Photo by Nikhil Hemranjani from Sitara


  1. Fab artwork and a groovy gallery 😀

  2. Looks like an interesting show! We finally made it to Sitara Studio on on Sunday… completely missed this (and clearly out of the loop!).

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