Online Exhibition: GRID Heritage

I’m part of an online exhibition here with some other amazing South Asian artists, including a video about my practice by Blossom Pearl Carrasco. My work in the exhibition Thanks to Sanjukta Ghosh & Prof. Parul Dave Mukherji for including me in the panel discussion & exhibition. The GRID Heritage network includes academics, researchers, artistsContinue reading “Online Exhibition: GRID Heritage”

‘Fantasy of having a trailer wagon’ Group Exhibition, London

I’m excited to be a part of this group exhibition in 3-18 June 2021 with so many amazing artists. Fantasy of having a trailer wagon all to myself; A group show celebrating the life and work of Manoj NairAn impressive international roster of more than 20 artists from the UK, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Korea and Sri Lanka: the exhibition will include painting , photography ,performance, film, sculpture, writing, music and digital artwork

✨Shop Launch!✨ New Print Discount 👁 💪🏾

I swear I won’t talk about ‘tHe nEW nOrMaL’. I will instead talk about the shop I set up, a herculean feat of organisation, test printing and resizing, but at last it is done! All my limited edition prints, in both sizes [A1 & A2] are now on my shop so it’s a lot easier to order. There also a little launch discount that’ll only last a few weeks, for my new paintings.

Interview with Design fabric

Interview with Design Fabric talking about my illustration practice Forgive any arbs rambling in there. Many thanks to Rohini Kejriwal! I no longer have a working link for the article online however my Rohini’s questions and my answers below By Rohini Kejriwal Janine Shroff’s figurative and occasionally surreal artworks create a sense of dissonance and intrigueContinue reading “Interview with Design fabric”

Research: Abortifacients, Emmenagogues & The History of Women’s Reproductive Health

Notes and research articles on my painting ‘The Harvest’, which you can find here

Kadak Reading Room Event Photos

Over the past few months, the Kadak Collective has been working to create a set of graphic narratives about breasts. From moobs to masectomy to the male gaze, a variety of perspectives on the same subject matter. We were one of nine grantees for this year’s Gender Bender, a joint project of Sandbox Collective and Goethe Institut /Continue reading “Kadak Reading Room Event Photos”

Kadak Reading Room 24 to 27 Aug: GenderBender 2018

JUST 3 MORE DAYS UNTIL OUR 3 DAY KADAK READING ROOM IS OPEN!   I’ll be exhibiting my short zine/illustrated story on breasts (great subject no?) with of the Kadak Collective for Gender Bender 2018 at the Goethe-Institut Bangalore.   Opening 24 August 5 – 7 PM   25 & 26 August 12 – 7Continue reading “Kadak Reading Room 24 to 27 Aug: GenderBender 2018”

Saptan Stories – week 6 (Only 1 more to go! )

Penultimate line! The story moves on… “These are your memories” whispered the apparition, now a shimmering silhouette “for your love to renew, you must begin anew. If you don’t wish your heart to rust, you must choose to forget the past!” The last line to be submitted this Sunday. How will you end the story?Continue reading “Saptan Stories – week 6 (Only 1 more to go! )”

It’s Nice That:

Got featured on It’s Nice That as part of BOLD (south Asian design exhibition at the Rich Mix running til the 30th of sept) Got featured on It’s Nice That as part of BOLD (south Asian design exhibition at the Rich Mix running til the 30th of sept) And that is nice! “Kadak is aContinue reading “It’s Nice That:”

Kadak at BOLD @ Richmix Exhibition, London

Please join us for the opening of our latest exhibition Bold, in London. A visual feast of posters, zines, films, typography and digital works that reveal the vibrancy and diversity of work underway in India’s visual communications scene. Part of the celebration of 70 years of independence from British rule   Some of My FramedContinue reading “Kadak at BOLD @ Richmix Exhibition, London”

Saptan Stories Interview – Youth ki Awaaz

A nice article/ artist interview on YouthkiAwaaz on Saptan stories: What excites you most about being part of Saptan Stories? I really like the unknown quality of what may happen with a live, evolving story, created by the public. It’s both a little scary and exciting because anything can happen. My favourite story of recentContinue reading “Saptan Stories Interview – Youth ki Awaaz”

Saptan Stories – Week 5

The Story continues… “I was falling through what seemed like a long tunnel, blinded by lights. I somehow landed on my two feet and found myself in a large hall. Walls covered in photographs. Photographs of my entire life.” In case you forgot how it goes: 7 weeks, 7 artists, one story etc: Read theContinue reading “Saptan Stories – Week 5”

Saptan Stories – Week 3 WIP Process

Thought I’d show the step by step working process for last weeks illustration for #SaptanStories: I usually start with small thumbnails or a rough sketch. Hands usually need a reference and I used my own here. Once I’m happy with the sketch, it gets inked up and then at last on to the colouring. (TheContinue reading “Saptan Stories – Week 3 WIP Process”

Saptan Stories – Week 4

Saptan Stories completed illustration week 4 “Before I could utter an answer, my heart made the choice. How she heard its silent cry, I do not know. The lake opened and a chasm appeared. I was sucked into a whirlpool of water, light and chaos.”   ********* 7 artists, 7 weeks, 1 Story: A 7Continue reading “Saptan Stories – Week 4”

New Work Kulture Shop & Other Stuff

News News News. 1. New work for Kulture Shop Up here 2. One of the many artists featured here (not sure why it’s a gendered list but I’ll take it!) Polka Cafe: Top Women Illustrators in India 3. I also FINALLY had business cards made. Now just to work out how I hand these out,Continue reading “New Work Kulture Shop & Other Stuff”