Kadak Reading Room Event Photos


Over the past few months, the Kadak Collective has been working to create a set of graphic narratives about breasts. From moobs to masectomy to the male gaze, a variety of perspectives on the same subject matter.

We were one of nine grantees for this year’s Gender Bender, a joint project of Sandbox Collective and Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan.

The artists, illustrators, and designers in this chapter of Kadak are Aarthi Parthasarathy, Akhila Krishnan, Janine Shroff, Kritika Trehan, Mira Malhotra, Pavithra Dikshit, Priya Dali, Rae Zachariah, Sanika Palsikar, Shreyas R Krishnan

Our work, along with our expanding traveling Reading Room, and work by the other grantees is on exhibit at Goethe-Institut Bangalore, August 24 from 5-7pm (preview) & Aug 25-26, 12-7pm.

Read all our zines here

Thanks to Aarthi Parthasarathy, Rae Zachariah, Chaitanya Krishnan, Anushree and Sunanda who set up the exhibition.

Event photos by Aarthi Parthasarathy.

Published by Janine Shroff

Designer & Illustrator based in London. I specialise in UI/UX, branding, hand-drawn illustration & painting.

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