The Breeders

‘The Breeders’ is the mechanical side of reproduction.

It is about society’s pro-natalist view and motherhood as a machine producing future labourers.

See it’s organic mirror image and twin, ‘The Queen’ here, with more contextual explanation.

Water soluble crayon, gouache, felt-pens, ink & ball-pen on heavy weight paper.

A1 / 76.41 x 56.55 cm (Aprox A1) / 2013


Detail Crops

A4 Breeders Scans Crop 6
A4 Breeders Scans Crop 1
A4 Breeders Scans Crop 2
A4 Breeders Scans Crop 3
A4 Breeders Scans Crop 4

Limited Edition Prints

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from high res scans on heavy weight paper

Published by Janine Shroff

Designer & Illustrator based in London. I specialise in UI/UX, branding, hand-drawn illustration & painting.