Giçlee prints on heavy-weight fine art paper from high-res detailed scans of all the originals that replicates all the details and texture crisply.  Each print will also come with a signed and can be shipped to you.

If you would like a print, just email or use the contact form below. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Print Prices (not incl. postage)

  • A1 (33 x 23.4 in) : £200 + postage (see below)
    Limited edition of 50 prints in this size per painting
  • A2 (23 x 16.5 in) : £150 + postage (see below)
    Limited edition of 60 prints in this size per painting

Prints comes with a minimum 1.5 inch border, with the image centered on the paper).  If you want a custom border do let me know. 

Available Prints

1. Bucket Bath 12. Rape Rick (A2 only)
2. The Queen 13. Pool
3. The Breeders 14. The Feast
4. Lesbians Riding Ponies 15. Motel
5. High Tea16. Talk (A2 only)
6. Tea Party17. Camera Shy (A2 only)
7. Turkish Bath18. Bisexual Garden (A2 only)
8. The Arsonists Ball 19. Memory Is a Tricky Thing (A2 only)
9. The First Goddess
10. The Second Goddess
11. The Third Goddess

Limited Edition Run:

  • A1 (33 x 23.4 in)  = 50 Prints
  • A2 (23 x 16.5 in) = 60 Prints

Once a run is sold out there will be no more prints of that particular work.

Postage & Packaging

Shipping / Postage costs will be dependant on location (details below)
Allow 5 days from payment for printing & 5 working days for shipping.

  • International (Australia, USA, Africa, Asia) Royal Mail Tracked
    £25 (includes packaging)
  • Europe (Royal Mail Tracked)
    £20 (includes packaging)
  • UK (Royal Mail Tracked)
    £15 (includes packaging)

Note: Royal Mail has slightly cheaper untracked options for shipping, but I wouldn’t recommend using them in case the package gets lost in transit. However if you would prefer the cheapest possible shipping option let me know, but I would not be able to replace the print if lost. 


What is a Giclée print?

The word Giclée (zhee-klay) comes from the French word gicler meaning “to squirt, spurt, or spray”. The term is now generally accepted to describe high quality art and photographic inkjet printing, on fine art and photo papers, using archival pigment inks. Giclée printing is perfect for fine art reproduction, photography, digital art and illustration.

What are the advantages of archival pigment prints (Giclée) over C-Type and Digital C-Type prints (RA-4 process)?

The first advantage is the archival permanence of Giclée prints. According to Wilhelm Imaging Research, pigment prints offer significantly better colour fastness depending on inkset and paper type.

I use a heavyweight almost watercolour paper called Hahnemühle German Etching or Canson Infinity Arches Aquarelle Rag for a textured finish or a smoother Hahnemühle Photo Rag which reproduces detail very crisply.

The second advantage is dynamic range and colour gamut (range of colours). If the work features vibrant, saturated colours, giclée prints will allow you to reproduce colours that are usually out of gamut in traditional RA-4 printing.

How long do Giclée Fine Art Prints last?

Archival inks and only acid free papers and canvasses for the finest and most long lasting prints. Framed prints under glass, depending on the paper, expected to last well over 150 years in good environmental conditions especially away from direct sunlight. Prints framed under glass with UV protection will last even longer.

Tea Party A1 print closeup

Detail of an A1 Print | Tea Party

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