Bird People Tarot Cards

Major Arcana Cards: Complete / Minor Arcana Cards In progress

I’ve loved tarot cards and the illustrated symbolism, and dreamed of creating my own version one day.

The intricate symbolism, skill required & the scope (78 Cards!) has always daunted me a little. However the 2020 lockdown seemed like a perfect time to start.

I had very naively thought there were only 12 Major Arcana cards (There are in fact, 22!) But I like to think this was my subconscious tricking me into just starting the project instead of putting it off year after year.

These cards feature my bird people, which also helps soften or remove some of the overt gender binary and religious symbolism from the Pamela ‘Pixie’ Rider Waite tarot, which is largely considered the ‘classic’ tarot card deck.

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The Fool / Le Mat


Upright: Beginnings, Following your heart, Curiosity, Potential, Innocence, Leap of faith, Originality

Reversed: Folly, Lack of direction, Poor judgement, Reckless, Disregard of consequences, Naivety

The Magician/ Le Bateleur


Upright: skill, diplomacy, creative energy, self-confidence, will, talent, capabilities, ideas, potential, vision, inspiration

Reversed: disquiet, disgrace, inaction, uncertainty, lack of clarity, unfocused, manipulation, trickery

The High Priestess / La Papesse


Upright: secrets, mystery, the future, silence, tenacity, inner wisdom, science, subconscious mind, awareness, inner illumination, intuition

Reversed: passion, conceit, surface knowledge, shallowness, unaware, inner disquiet, lack of calm

The Empress / L’Impératrice


Upright: abundance, comfort, Creation, Fruitfulness, action, initiative, nurture, sexuality, stability, protective, maternal

Reversed: drained, creative block, instability, unwanted creation, vacillation, stagnation, overprotective, co-dependent, controlling

The Emperor / L’Empereur


Upright: Maturity, Stability, Authority, Control, Leadership, Power, In Charge, Recognition, System, Rules, Order, Strategic, Guideance

Reversed: Domineering, Rigid, Poor leadership, inability to stand up for yourself, controlling, immature, loss of authority, powerless, lack of discipline

The Hierophant / Le Pape


Upright: mentor or guide, spiritual teaching, religious beliefs, convention, conformity, tradition, alliance, servitude, following the set path, group identity, following a group, society, adhering to set rules,

Reversed: Personal beliefs, freedom, challenging status quo, following your own path, internal beliefs, internal guide, no need for external or societal approval, conflict with authority, rebellion,

The Lovers / Lamoureux


Upright: Harmony, Balance, Relationship, Friendship, Partnership, Love, Attraction, Trial overcome, making a choice, Sacrifice

Reversed: Imbalance, One sidedness, Poor communication, Detached or cold, failure in any relationship, divorce, seperation, broken deals, foolish design, impulsive choices, too many choices

The Chariot / Le Chariot


Upright: Control, willpower, success, action, determination, moving towards a goal, discipline, decision making, commitment, dedication, travel, war, triumph,

Reversed: Change directions, slow down your course of action, Obstacles, Self-Disciplined, opposition, lack of direction, lack of motivation, over controlling, dispute, defeat

Strength / La Force


Upright: Power, compassion, inner strength, Endurance, energy, action, courage, magnanimity,

Reversed: Despotism, self doubt, lack of confidence, abuse of power, weakness, discord, disgrace, insecurity

The Hermit / L’hermite


Upright: Inner wisdom, self-isolation, self-reflection, Contemplation, Inner Guidance, search for truth,

Reversed: Loneliness, too much isolation, lost way, not enough self-reflection, lack of awareness

The Wheel of Fortune / La Roue De Fortune


Upright: Good luck, cycle of change, A turning point, things outside ones control, fate, fortune, unexpected events or changes, adapting to change

Reversed: Bad luck, resistance to change, clinging to control, breaking cycles, unexpected / unwelcome change,

The Hanged Man / Le Pendu


Upright: Wisdom, suspension of action, waiting, contemplation, circumspection, patience, discernment, trials, self-sacrifice, intuition, divination, prophecy, different perspective,

Reversed: Selfishness, stalling, at a standstill, procrastination, indecision, apathy, stagnation, avoiding / fear of sacrifice, needless sacrifice

Justice / La Justice


Upright: Equity, rightness, balancing a choice, a balanced decision, truth, accountability, honesty, integrity,

Reversed: Legal complications, bigotry, bias, excessive severity, retribution, injustice, corruption, dishonesty, unfairness, avoiding accountability

Death / La Mort


Upright: Change, An ending, Destruction, Letting go, Transition, Release, Adapting, Transformation

Reversed: Inability to let go, Resistance to change, Stagnation, Repeating negative patterns, Decay, Inability to adapt

Temperance / Le temperance


Upright: Moderation, balance, patience, calmness, middle path, management, frugality/economy,

Reversed: Extremes, excess, imbalance, impatience, competing interests, failure to balance long term needs with short term happiness

The Devil / Le Diable


Upright: Excess, playfulness, materialism, enslavement, fear, feeling trapped, temptation, unhealthy relationships

Reversed: Breaking from addictions, divorce, freedom from restraints, restoring control, release

The Tower / La Maison Dieu


Upright: Danger, crisis, sudden change, unforeseen catastrophe, calamity, disgrace, deception, ruin, upheaval, chaos, revelation, awakening

Reversed: Personal transformation, fear of change, averting disaster, Negligence, absence, distribution, carelessness, apathy, nullity, vanity

The Star / L’etoile


Upright: Hope, Faith, rejuvenation, purpose,

Reversed: Insecurity, discouraged, Lack of faith, despair, disconnection

The Moon / La Lune


Upright: Illusion, Intuition, Hidden truth, Uncertainty, Confusion, Secrets, Unconscious

Reversed: Fear, Deception, Anxiety, Misunderstanding, Misinterpretation, Clarity, Understanding

The Sun / Le Soleil


Upright: Contentment, Enlightenment, joy, success, vitality, self-confidence, truth, enthusiasm, energy

Reversed: Unrealistic expectations, lack of clarity, low vitality, blocked happiness, excessive enthusiasm, pessimism, unable to appreciate

Judgement / Le Judgement


Upright: Self-evaluation, Awakening, Rebirth, Absolution, A cross-roads, renewal, purpose, self-reflection

Reversed: Self-Doubt, inner critic, ignoring intuition, lack of self awareness, failure to learn,

The World / Le Monde


Upright: Completion, accomplishment, wholeness, Full circle, Harmony,

Reversed: Taking Shortcuts, lack of achievement, Feeling incomplete or unbalanced, Delays, seeking closure, Lose focus, inertia, stagnation, Emptiness

Minor Arcana TBC

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