Goop Cityguides App

Goop is a ‘wellness’ and lifestyle brand by Gwyneth Paltrow, that started out as a newsletter (at that time with 250k subscribers). We collaborated with Goop to design the UI and UX of the first version of the Goop travel app.


  • Project type: Team project, collaborating with the client, the design agency director, Apple Store advisor, &. 3rd party developers
  • Duration: 2013/2015
  • Role: Designer, UI/UX, Q&A Testing
  • Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Jira
  • Result: Launched 5 travel guide apps for Goop on the Apple store

© Katana London
App illustrations by Bernadette Pascua


  • Built an app as a part of launching point for the Goop brand
  • Expand on the Goop newsletter sections (travel, beauty, mind & wellness, fashion)
  • Add UI & features to intrigue Goop users


  • 30-55 women and subscribers of the Goop newsletter
  • Desire an aspirational lifestyle


  • Time Out
  • Tripadvisor
  • Mr&Mrs Smith


For this project we iterated multiple drafts of type of app to expand on the content sections of the newsletter.

Initial Drafts

The first draft of app concepts followed the newsletter content and included travel, recipes, beauty & lifestyle sections.

User Journey Functions

  • Create an editable shopping list
  • Buy all ingredients from ocado online (U.K.)
  • Convert measurements from imperial to metric
  • Step by step guides for recipes and workouts
  • Use voice commands for the steps to allow you to be hands free
  • Add useful listings to your address book
  • Save your favourite videos and articles
  • Email your favorite articles to your friends
  • Share articles on facebook or twitter
  • Weekly goop newsletter archived in your app

Features above proved to be too heavy and too wide-ranging for a first app launch.

Final App

After a few rounds the app was stripped down to a single city guide, that would roll out different city guides as purchasable downloads. 

Our design direction was based around the style of Goop’s original newsletter aesthetic, the font and line drawn illustrations.

The content for each travel guide was managed by the client via a CMS. New guides can be also be published and sold through in-app purchases via the ‘Shelf’ section of the app.

Individual guides on a carousel for New York, London, Los Angeles & Paris.

Users could tap to view the guide or tap to flip the card over for purchase information.

Guides included a section called ‘A day in …’ that took the user on a walk through the city across Gwyneth Paltrow’s recommended spots.

We developed both an iPad & iPhone version of all the designs

Thank you for making it to the end!

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Published by Janine Shroff

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