Tragic Lesbian Movie Guide

A double page spread guide for the easily traumatised lesbians (me) to prepare them for certain lesbian films that end tragically. The aim of this guide is to prevent future young lesbians from being scarred for life by watching these movies.

The rating system is ‘tear’ based. e.g. 5 tears = Very Depressing. Watch at your discretion.
4/3 Tears = Still pretty weepy, 1 tear = Sort of bearable but lesbians are addicted to making sad endings idk why fucking annoying.

Feel free to send me suggestions for a follow-up. (That I will probably never watch) Co-authored with Dr. P., official lesbian movie watcher.

Click or zoom on the image to view the copy

Lesbian Movie Tear Rating v4. Final High res
Double page spread magazine format. Tap to view larger

The Queen Canon of Keanu

Queering the movies of Keanu Reeves (A classic lesbian icon)
Are you weary of the vale of tears and lack of substantial ass-kicking action in your lesbian movies? Who isn’t? But never fear! Now the oeuvre of Keanu Reeves can be easily reinterpreted for a queer audience. I’ve created a handy rating system to guide you. Click or zoom on the image to view larger

Double page spread magazine format
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