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Live Auctioneers is the leading online auction platform, bringing an international audience of millions to the heart of the bidding action in art, antiques, jewellery and collectibles auctions across the globe.

We were asked to re-design the entire platform including the multi-feature back-end system for both bidders and auctioneers.

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Home page, Item page and live bidding module: Overview

The Redesign

The website design was led by the need to facilitate rapid, visual access to both individual lots and auction catalogues. The design was also quite dated and messy.

After speaking extensively with the client, both the bidders and auctioneers had very different needs on the home page. The auctioneers wanted each auction to show as many of the items in them as possible while bidders may want to view more auctions per page.

So we designed the home page to allow for 2 different views, one where each auction had only one image so more auctions loaded on the home page and another where each auction could display multiple images that the user could scroll through, but the home page would display less auctions overall.

After user testing both views the end result was that people, and especially the auctioneer members favoured keeping fewer auctions on the home page but showing more images per auction (Home design version on the right).

Bidders Dashboard Feed: Function bar prominently at the top, Saved lists, upcoming sales and sold or lost items

The client also mentioned one of the key aspects of their platform was also from users searching through their archive of sold items either to compare prices or to see details of the item.

So it was very important to differentiate what had been sold from what was currently selling as well as making it easy to search within the site and keep users browsing.

We created a visual system to indicate the status for items or auctions:  Red colour highlights to indicate for all ‘live’ auction items (items currently being auctioned), Blue for upcoming, and Green for sold.

Auctioneer login area with stats of each auction and overviews on sales
Auctioneers Dashboard Feed: Stats clearly displayed and Upcoming auctions moved to the top

The site had 2 key users with very different needs. Bidders & Auctioneers.

Once logged in users can check bids, saved items, auctions wins or messages.

Auctioneers could also log in and upload auction catalogs, set times, check stats and details of sales made. The auctioneers original dashboard was a terrifying mess of statistics and numbers presented in a very intimidating way. we redesigned their graphs to be clearer, neater and more easily viewed on the dashboard.

By contrast, the back-end platform focused on the wide-ranging functionality especially the commercial operations and rich data aspects.

Item page with information about the item clearly visible as well as the leave a bid module

Bidders profile section
Bidders login area

On the bidders dashboard on of the key issues was that bidders tended not to complete fill their profiles so we designed a ‘Pulse’ icon based on the logo, that would fill from grey to all red on the bidders dashboard to encourage the bidder to complete their profile.

Mobile App Version

Axure Wireframes & Screens

Site Email Alerts



We re-designed their print magazine to bring it in line with the new look and feel as well as make it more visually rich and engaging.

Published by Janine Shroff

Designer & Illustrator based in London. I specialise in UI/UX, branding, hand-drawn illustration & painting.