Parkview Green Website & App

Parkview Green in Beijing is the leading green luxury development in Beijing & the first environmental mall in Asia

A fully integrated solution for the building, its tenants and its shoppers, that marries its unique identity with the very latest technologies, that engages all its visitors in a constant dialogue, and created a class-leading customer service proposition.

  • Digital
  • Marketing
  • Print
  • Mobile
  • UI
  • UX

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Website & Custom CMS

We created a responsive website in English & Chinese, with its own custom content management system, online advertising system, member rewards sections.

The client wanted the website to strongly reflect the brand identity, the green ethos and the triangular glass that makes up the Parkview Green building.


App v.1

Chinese & English versions / Android & IOS

  • UI & UX
  • Management of development
  • Testing

‘Treasure Hunt’ Game

Users find QR codes hidden across the building to win a free coffee),

We created an interactive QR code game or a voucher system to encourage users to download and retain the app.

Based on our customer surveys of the Parkview Green base, most users would not download or use the app unless it gave them a tangible real life benefit. e,g. redemption vouchers or some kind of gift or freebie.


Game Mechanic

  • Find strategically place QR codes around the building
  • Scan with your app
  • Once the user has collected them all, they can redeem a prize.
  • Prize, QR codes and other game mechanics could be set by the owner via our custom build CMS that we designed and developed.
  • Game would then refresh.
  • Users could regularly win freebies

Game was designed as a horizontally scrolling landscape, when the user scanned the QR code the missing section would fill in.

The first iteration was designed to showcase all the artwork at Parkview Green, that also made up their brand assets.

All game assets from background to the artwork was replaceable via the CMS, so the game could easily be updated for each different marketing campaign.

e.g. Christmas promotion, Halloween promotions, Seasonal events etc.



PVG Light Painting 2 - Gala


Final Halloween campaigns & concepts for both print & digital

PVG Light Painting 1 - Joy of light

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