Philosophy Gym Branding & Digital

Philosophy is a unique gym in Beijing facility that merges traditional training equipment with the most innovative training techniques on the market. 

The website was designed to match the brand’s dark look and feel, and to promote various membership packages. Social media such as WeChat was used heavily for promotions and marketing to increase membership.

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Branding & Identity

We created the identity, branding, advertising creative, direct marketing print and digital.

The icon of the identity was based on the philosophy of ‘mind and body’, with Philosophy gym represented by the intersection of the two.

The gym identity colours were designed to be adapted over time, utilising 4 colours from the brand colour palette in 2 gradients: The primary palette of the green-blue gradient and the secondary of the red-blue gradient

Stationery & Applications

We designed the icons, sign up forms and stationary to reflect the clean modern look and feel of the identity.


Created a response website, allowing users to browse the gyms pricing model, facilities, timings as well as to book various classes via the website.

Mockup - Join Us Page

Brand & Advertising Imagery

The campaign and creative style was tailored to reflect the modern brand values, avoiding cliché imagery and the very crowded design sensibility of usual gym advertising in China, to set Philosophy apart from the competitors.

The gym customer base is both men and women, (with possibly more women than men) so the advertising and imagery needed to reflect that and avoid cliche or sexist images of sexualised men and women.

Published by Janine Shroff

Designer & Illustrator based in London. I specialise in UI/UX, branding, hand-drawn illustration & painting.