Saptan Stories is a 7 week long collaborative arts event; a mass game of consequences written and voted on by all of India.

A unique Indian story, Told 7 ways, by 7 artists, and YOU.

Saptan Stories is a creative collaboration between Aardman & British Council as a part of UK/India 2017; a year-long celebration of modern-day India and its 70 year relationship with the UK. The aim was to inspire creative writing, thinking and participation with a giant game of consequences played out over all of India.


“I found it hard to get over my broken heart, I thought I never would. Then one night, by the moonlit river, something happened that changed everything.” – Aardman Animations


“As the moonbeams danced to a heavenly beat upon the silvery water, I gazed to the stars and contemplated my future. It looked bleak on introspection, when out of the water arose an apparition” – Siddhant Nagrath


“It was a woman, as translucent as fog and as ethereal as a dream. She smiled at me and whispered in a voice as soft as a dewdrop “Love once lost can be regained, but are you willing to pay the price?” – Ayan Pal


“Before I could utter an answer, my heart made the choice. How she heard its silent cry, I do not know. The lake opened and a chasm appeared. I was sucked into a whirlpool of water, light and chaos.” – Caroline Fiona Stedman


“I was falling through what seemed like a long tunnel, blinded by lights. I somehow landed on my two feet and found myself in a large hall. Walls covered in photographs. Photographs of my entire life.” – Zachary Borthwick


“These are your memories” whispered the apparition, now a shimmering silhouette “for your love to renew, you must begin anew. If you don’t wish your heart to rust, you must choose to forget the past!” – Ayan Pal


“They say love is ephemeral but isn’t that true of life too? As my iridescent body emerged from the shadows, I felt reborn. Suddenly I loved every inch of myself, and isn’t that the greatest love of all?” – Jasmine Kaur


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