AM Branding & Digital

The AM Institute was a private members club for health and was set up to help men in their 40’s, 50’s & 60’s enjoy their life as much they did in their 20’s and 30’s.

We created the brand identity, branding, stationary, strategy, dual function health app & members portal, merchandising and advertising concepts.

  • Branding
  • Digital
  • Merchandise
  • Advertising

via Katana London


The brand icon is a monogram with interlocking ‘A’ & ‘M’ in a warm grey and cool grey to reflect the brand proposition of emotional wellbeing, while cool grey was used to reference science and medicine.

The icon was also designed to give the impression of a crown.

We went through many iterations to refine both the word mark and the icon to achieve a balanced and proportional icon using the ’A’ & ‘M’

Stationery & Print Applications

The premium business cards were duplex grey and white with the logo foiled in 2 different tones to match the 2 tones of the identity.

App Concepts for a Health & Lifestyle App

The user taps the logo to access the 2 different sides of the app. Light version a fitness and health app that can monitor heart rate, steps etc and a Dark version that shows the user curated mens health lifestyle content

An activity monitor using the ‘A’ from the logo. Logo Button toggles between health & member sections of the app.

Advertising Concepts

Advertising concepts based around the tagline ‘I AM’

Thank you for making it to the end!

If you have any questions about my work please don’t hesitate to contact me

Published by Janine Shroff

Designer & Illustrator based in London. I specialise in UI/UX, branding, hand-drawn illustration & painting.

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