Moving Parts

Lots of moving parts!

This summer has been pretty stressful. Although I had lots of fun illustrations projects (which I can’t share because although I prefer my gratification instantly other people are really, really slow about publishing things. Sigh. NOW NOW NOW ) they were virtually simultaneously AND we were looking for a house AND I really hate admin. So.

Mega stress.

I’m glad 2015 is nearly over. I’m looking forward to going home in a month to the Bom for NRI season.

Hopefully in 2016 I’ll have:

  1. More work (although I think I did a lot over the summer)
  2. Trying to paint in straight up acrylic. Maybe this will speed things up. The pen texture will be lost but it might free me up more.
  3. Less wasting time on photos. I cut out my blog now time to cut the photos.
  4. A London show
  5. Another Bombay show when it can be arranged.
  6. A reduction of admin in my life. (I know this will never happen. )
  7. A cat.
  8. I really really want a cat.
    Maybe if we move.
    will the cat pee on my drawings? Will it sit on them?
    Who knows, Most likely I’d say.

Speaking of cats, I finally finished a drawing I done in-between all the other work and life admin.

Larger version here >


Btw: Someone sent me an article in the midday where I am mentioned in reference to art waffle but I haven’t read it yet. I’m too tired.

The author initially wanted me to write stuff about art waffle but the second I tried I realised I wouldn’t be able to write about academise because even writing academise gibberish actually makes my skin crawl. Perhaps someone else can read it and explain it to me? Via conceptual sculpture or dance preferably. Followed by an explanation about the concept that makes no sense and uses a bunch of academic art waffle strung together.

Midday Article here >> 

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Designer & Illustrator based in London. I specialise in UI/UX, branding, hand-drawn illustration & painting.

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